Compare Accredited Online MBA Programs of 2022

Accredited Online MBA Programs

Accredited Online MBA Programs

Choosing an online MBA program that meets your specific needs can be a daunting task. With so many options and so many different ways to measure the quality of each program, we decided to offer a unique perspective in our rankings this year by focusing on the number of graduates for three years.

The three-year graduation rate measures how well a particular institution provides a comprehensive educational experience that motivates students to finish what they started. There are quite a number of MBA programs that excel in this area, and while some charge high tuition fees for high graduation rates, there are also many online MBA programs with high three-year graduation rates and affordable tuition fees.

After studying more than 233 programs, we have compiled a definitive list of the 35 online MBA options that have the highest percentage of students who have completed their studies in three years or less.

Cheapest Online MBA Programs

1 - University of Texas of the Permian Basin College of Business and Engineering

Odessa, Texas

Tuition: $3,219

Credits: 36

The online MBA program at the University of Texas Permian Basin (UTP) is accredited by the association for the promotion of undergraduate business schools. This program is ranked by U.S. News and World Report among the 224-295 best online MBA program in the country and the 256th best online bachelor's degree program. Texas Permian Basin University trains energetic people for the business world. UTP prides itself on mature leaders who can succeed in any form of business or corporate. Admission to this high-level program involves maintaining an average score of at least 3.25 and a good score on the graduate administrative entrance exam. Online students will receive basic courses that include accounting analysis, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior and marketing management. This is the most affordable MBA program on your list.

2 - Cameron University School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Lawton, Oklahoma

Tuition: $4,590

Credits: 33-45

The graduate and Vocational School of Cameron University is a higher secondary education of the highest level and an excellent option for future students. The university strives to help you become the best MBA graduate in your future career. The school is committed to providing excellence to every online MBA student in teaching, leadership, mentoring and community outreach. The mission of the Faculty of graduate and professional education is " to provide diverse and dynamic students with the opportunity to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills so that they can contribute to their profession and enrich their lives."This degree is ideal for those who are working or have recently completed a bachelor's degree who want to gain an advantage over other candidates in this competitive field. The teachers with whom you will study have been working in the business world for many years. The practical experience and knowledge you gain will distinguish you from many others, including other graduate students.

3 - Georgia Southwestern State University School of Business Administration

Americus, Georgia

Tuition: $4,892

Credits: 30

The online MBA program at Georgia Southwestern State University is accredited by aacsb international. Accb accreditation is an association for the promotion of university business schools. the Association ranks 774th among colleges with the best professors in America with an overall standing grade of C+. Georgia Southwestern ranked 17th in the best school rankings.List of the best high-cost schools in 2020. This is facilitated by the fact that the low cost of education in the state is also available to residents of Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Georgia Southwestern State University educates students based on a combination of world-class faculty expertise and real-life experience in your communities. You will learn about the ethics, values and multicultural influences that influence our market today. Admission to this program is competitive, which makes it more profitable for admission and worthy of study by each candidate for an MBA degree.

4 - Southeastern Oklahoma State University John Massey School of Business

Durant, Oklahoma

Tuition: $5,022

Credits: 36

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is committed to providing quality education that improves lives. The university is committed to the mission that states: "it provides an environment of academic excellence that allows students to reach their highest potential. Through personal access to excellent teaching, challenging academic programs, and extracurricular experiences, students will develop skills and habits that contribute to the values of career preparation, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.” One of the exceptional programs offered at Susu is the online MBA program. As part of the online MBA program, students have the opportunity to choose between many different areas of study, including public business, accounting, entrepreneurship, management, Health Information Systems, Marketing and human resources. You will be trained by business experts, and you will learn how to become a leader in a variety of roles and professions. No matter what field of study you choose, you can graduate in just 12 months and start your career before any other graduate.

5 - Eastern New Mexico University College of Business

Portales, New Mexico

Tuition: $5,351

Credits: 30

Eastern New Mexico University's online MBA program is regionally accredited by the association for the promotion of university business schools. The Affordable Online MBA program was recently named as one of the best online MBA programs in New Mexico by . Us news and World Report rate the school of business at Eastern New Mexico University in its regional ranking of Western universities. The National Union of women has received many state, regional and national awards. Eastern New Mexico University's online MBA program is conducted by business professionals who are willing to teach you finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and Business Research. Getting an MBA degree at enmo will define your future and create opportunities for advancement for life. Graduates have become HR specialists, business process specialists, business owners, management analysts.

6 - Chadron State College School of Business, Entrepreneurship, Applied, and Mathematical Sciences and Sciences

Chadron, Nebraska

Tuition: $5,469

Credits: 36

Given such values as accessibility, collaboration, diversity, innovation, honesty and student participation, it is not surprising that Chadron State College is one of the best schools for an online MBA degree. Chadron State College is committed to a clear mission: "continue to be a student-oriented educational institution. We take care of students, focusing on continuous improvement and excellence in teaching, applied scholarship and service.” Students can get their MBA 100 % online at a cost of less than $ 15,000. GMAT is not required for admission, the duration of training varies from 24 to 18 months. During the program, you will take courses in Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Business Strategy, Marketing Management, high-performance leadership, organizational behavior and the legal / social environment of business. Feel confident as you pursue your career and become a stronger leader.

7 - Fayetteville State University School of Business and Economics

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Tuition: $5,765

Credits: 36

The online MBA program at Fayetteville State University is regionally accredited by the association for the advancement of business schools, the gold standard for Business School Accreditation. The award-winning online MBA program was recently ranked 88th in the ranking of the best online MBA programs by US news and World Report. The Princeton Review ranks Fayetteville State University's School of business and economics among the best business schools in the Southeast. This uniquely designed MBA program offers a variety of concentrations to ensure that people explore their business interests. These areas include business intelligence / data analysis, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Public Business, Healthcare Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Project Management, and supply chain management. Each concentration adapts flexibly to your needs, so you don't have to give up your career while improving your knowledge at the same time.

8 - Texas A&M University Texarkana College of Business, Engineering, and Technology

Texarkana, Texas

Tuition: $5,831

Credits: 36

Texas A & M Texarkana " strives to host a diverse group of highly qualified students through recruitment efforts, campus tours and events, student admission processing, and relocation to the eagle family."The online MBA program at Texas A & M University Texarkana offers graduates a choice of several majors, including an MBA in energy leadership, an MBA in Information Technology, and an MBA in supply chain management. The MBA program has a unique design in the sense that they collaborate with local companies and organizations in the community, so they teach relevant information and give students the opportunity to practice in real situations. In the 2020 college census, this online MBA program was recognized as one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the country. This program is ideal for people who want to start a career in business, or if you want to move up the career ladder even further. You will be challenged and encouraged in a way that stands out from other candidates in this competitive field.

9 - Fitchburg State University Business Administration Department

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Tuition: $6,012

Credits: 30

The online MBA program at the Fitchburg State University School of business is not accredited by the association for the advancement of undergraduate business schools, but the MBA program has ICP accreditation. According to the U.S. News and World Report, Fitchburg ranks 245th among the best online MBA programs in the country, 96th among the regional universities in the North and 29th among the best public schools. According to , 100% of the reviewers recommend students to this school, and 60% said that their degree in Fitchburg improved their career. the school received a general grade of "B" for the quality of education and" B " for extracurricular activities. Getting an online MBA at Fitchburg State University has never been so easy, and it gives freedom that is not available to other universities. This MBA degree offers 6 different specializations, which include accounting, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing and supply chain management. This MBA program stands out for a variety of reasons, one of which is that students can complete it in just 12 months, which means that you will graduate and start your career before graduates from other universities. For those who want to get valuable investments, they choose Fitchburg State University.

10 - Texas A&M University Kingsville College of Business Administration

Kingsville, Texas

Tuition: $6,030

Credits: 30

Texas A & M University-Kingsville online MBA programs are not accredited by the association for the advancement of undergraduate business schools, while the school itself is accredited by the ACBSP. This online MBA program was recently ranked 111th in the ranking of the best online MBA programs by US news and World Report. This program is one of seven programs in the state of Texas included in the list of the top 100 online MBA programs according to us news and World Report. Forbes ranks tamuca 257th in public colleges and 185th in the South. Specializations within the MBA program include Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management and marketing. Depending on the chosen subject, students will take different courses, some of which include advanced auditing, energy finance, cybersecurity basics, Global Strategic Management and negotiation.

11 - Texas Southern University Jesse H. Jones School of Business

Houston, Texas

Tuition: $6,091

Credits: 30

Texas Southern University was founded in 1927 on the principles of student success and lifelong learning. Texas Southern University offers an extensive online Executive Master of Business Administration program. This master's degree can be obtained within 2 years and is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. This program will prepare you to lead large organizations, develop communication skills, critical thinking, honesty, creativity, and strong teamwork skills. Graduates have moved into high-level management positions, including Finance, Risk Analysis, oil and gas business systems, marketing, government/non-profit organizations, supply chain management, management consultant, and Business/Strategy Analytics. Admission to the online MBA program is granted to individuals who have filled out the application, paid the entrance fee, submitted official transcripts, viewed a professional resume, submitted a statement of purpose, and finally attached at least two convincing letters of recommendation. Admission is offered to students with excellent academic performance, as well as students with professional experience in business.

12 - Southeast Missouri State University Donald L. Harrison College of Business

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Tuition: $6,126

Credits: 33

Southeast Missouri State University is home to over 10,000 students and has over 10,000 alumni who have gone on to make changes in their communities. For those who are looking for a master's degree in business administration but want to pursue a specialty, Southeast Missouri State University is a school that you can enroll in while pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration. At the SMSU business school, they offer various areas of training. These majors include the MBA in accounting, MBA in International Business, MBA in Financial Management, MBA in Public Administration, MBA in entrepreneurship, and MBA in healthcare management. Regardless of the specialty you choose, you will study the basic aspects of business management, you will be trained by professionals in your field of interest, you will gain practical experience and practice Sales, Marketing, Organization, leadership, finance and many other skills. Getting a master's degree has never been so easy, especially when all your coursework can be done without leaving home. Start your future and succeed in your career.

13 - Missouri State University College of Business

Springfield, Missouri

Tuition: $6,534

Credits: 34

The University of Missouri School of business has been providing high-quality higher education to individuals around the world for decades. The Michigan State University School of business has developed an MBA program based on the growing demands of the business sector. In this online master's program, you will master the skills of critical thinking, interdisciplinary problem solving, learn how to work effectively in a team and gain valuable knowledge in the field of modern business theory and applications. One of the most important components of success in a business career is becoming a strong leader. The University of Missouri School of business will provide you with the tools and experience you need to graduate with the leadership qualities that will be required by employers. Admission to this MBA program is carried out on a competitive basis and on an ongoing basis, but it is recommended to apply as early as possible, as places are filled quickly. To be accepted, you will need to apply for Higher Education, a professional resume indicating relevant work experience, an official GMAT or Gree degree, and any other previous transcripts showing your academic performance. This program is competitive, but graduates will agree that the knowledge gained was worth the work spent.

14 - Arkansas State University Neil Griffin College of Business

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Tuition: $6,600

Credits: 33

The University of Arkansas has been providing higher education to students for 100 years and continues to expand and become a stronger university through research, advocacy and public engagement. Getting an MBA degree from the University of Arkansas has never been so easy. This online MBA program is a flexible and challenging program that helps students unlock greater potential. For students seeking specialization, the MBA degree offers two main areas in supply chain management and finance. Participation in the electronic version of this program will prepare you for work in the growing technological field. Regardless of the chosen focus, students will have to attend classes on the legal environment of Business, Business Statistics, Business Finance, Operations Management, microeconomic principles, macroeconomic principles, and an introduction to management accounting. After graduation, you will get a better idea of how to be a leader, which will prepare you for your next professional position.

15 - University of Central Arkansas College of Business

Conway, Arkansas

Tuition: $6,629

Credits: 30

The University of Central Arkansas School of business is committed to the values of honesty, diversity, personal development, innovation and creativity. Ucacp's online MBA program offers a choice of six specializations, including a master's degree in general business administration, Information Management, Finance, International Business, Healthcare Management and data analysis. Each program lasts about 30 hours or 10 courses. After completing the required courses, you will have the opportunity to choose electives such as banking management, project management, food service management, health promotion activities, prescription analytics, information security principles, small business finance and much more. You can choose to get a certificate in your own way, regardless of whether you want to be a full-time or part-time student, it's up to you.

16 - Northwest Missouri State University Melvin D. and Valorie G. Booth School of Business

Maryville, Missouri

Tuition: $6,673

Credits: 30

Northwest Missouri State University is a student-centered, Army-friendly educational institution that encourages active, lifelong learning. In 2018, CEO Magazine ranked northwestern Missouri State University's MBA program at number one in the world rankings. The master's degree in Business Administration at the University of namsu has 5 specialties to choose from, including Business Administration: Business Analytics, Business Administration: General, Business Administration: Management, Business Administration: Human Resource Management and Business Administration: Marketing. All of these degree programs can be completed 100% online either part-time or full-time. The average cost of studying for an MBA is $12,300, but northwestern Missouri State University is known for offering thousands of scholarships and scholarships to students. This program can be completed in just 12-18 months and is designed for 30 credit hours of study. Each program is taught by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. You will study real-world applications and gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, Communication, International Business, Marketing, Human Resources and much more. This master's program is accredited by the global business accreditation. If you have long wanted to succeed in your career and get a master's degree in Business Administration, consider northwestern Missouri University, you will not regret it.

17 - West Liberty University Gary E. West College of Business

West Liberty, West Virginia

Tuition: $6,780

Credits: 30

Western Liberty University is the oldest educational institution in the state of West Virginia, it has been providing students with a rich education since 1837. The main goal of Western freedom University is to provide students with more educational opportunities, no matter where they are. The MBA program at Western Liberty University is an accelerated program and can be completed in 12 months. You will complete 10 courses, each of which will take about 7 weeks. Classes begin in January, May and August. This master's program has 3 areas to choose from: management, criminal accounting and healthcare management. This MBA program will challenge you and enhance your business competencies so that you can succeed as a professional strategist. In 2019, the College Consensus ranked Western Liberty University's accounting concentration as the best online master's program in accounting. With each concentration, you will take courses in global economics, social responsibility/business ethics, Strategic Human Resource Management and IT management.

18 - Southern Arkansas University David F. Rankin College of Business

Magnolia, Arkansas

Tuition: $6,894

Credits: 30

The University of Southern Arkansas has a vision to provide "high-quality and comprehensive" education to individuals across the country. The University of Southern Arkansas offers a unique 4 + 1 program for business majors, giving students the opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA program together and finish it in 5 years. One of the conditions for admission is an average overall score of 3.25 and 3.50 points in business classes. If you want to participate, you can join organizations such as aspiring entrepreneurs, the financial and economic community and the investment advisory council for business students. You will also enjoy participating in guest lectures and speeches, as well as participating in trips to financial institutions in cities such as New York and Chicago. The goals achieved in this master's degree are that graduates will communicate effectively, graduates will be socially responsible citizens, graduates will be able to think critically and solve problems, and graduates will effectively use technology in business. You will receive a higher education with the necessary experience to succeed in the competitive business world.

19 - American Public University Dr. Wallace E. Boston School of Business

Charles Town, West Virginia

Tuition: $7,050

Credits: 39

The American public university system has been providing first-class education since 1995 and has more than 108,000 graduates. The MBA program at an American State University prepares you for the global business world and the ever-changing environment. The program is designed for 39 credit hours, up to 15 credits can be transferred. Each loan costs $370, if you are not serving in the army and have not received a military scholarship, then each loan is  $250. This MBA program differs from all others in that each student must choose a specialty, and the university offers students to choose from 18 specialties. Some of these areas include Sports Management, Digital Workplace Management, Global Business Management, government contracts, event planning, cybersecurity, analytics, finance and many other disciplines. The MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council of business schools and programs.

20 - University of Sioux Falls Vucurevich School of Business

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Tuition: $7,110

Credits: 39

The foundation has the vision that " Sioux Falls University will become a transformative University striving for academic excellence and the exaltation of the Christian faith."Get real-world experience in the MBA program at Sioux Falls University. You can choose from 4 different career options, including an MBA in business innovation and marketing, an MBA in healthcare, an MBA in management, and an MBA in organizational leadership. Each chosen career path can be customized according to your needs and interests. Sioux Falls university wants to help you achieve more success in your career and increase your potential.  This master's program stands out because it is flexible, offering 100% online classes for 21 months, you will have personal attention from professors in small classes, and the total tuition fee is very affordable. Some of the classes you will attend include administrative communication, cost management, financial planning, commercial law, negotiation, empowering others, and leadership through service among other classes. Graduates become leaders in their companies and organizations, making changes in their communities.

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